The Playstation

The Playstation. I do not own one but I do know facts about it thanks to seeing reveiws and other things about it. The Playstation is the favorite of everyone that hasn't played any other console. The system is made by Sony, thus, better graphics and more secrets on the Playstation system. The PS4 and the PS3 are the mst recent, thus, the consoles being reviewed.

The PS3 is the most favotrite gaming console that Sony has made. The games are exactly the same for both consoles, the PS3 and the PS4. The graphics have less quality on the PS3 due to the PS4 being the recent console. The PS4, due to the console being more recent, the controller has more features than the actual console itself. The controller features a touchpad in the middle of the controller that allows some games to allow swiping in the game. The PS4 allows more graphics to be clearer. The graphics will be better than the graphics in the PS3

This picture is of Playstation at the bottom with a whitebackground and a PS at top