The Xbox

Ah, the xbox. I own one but I will not be bias. The console has two favorite versions, the 360 and the One. These two consoles are the most recent consoles that Microsoft has made. The consoles can go for as much as

The Xbox 360 is not supported by any new games such as Xbox One games. The graphics are good and the FPS on many games is good. The downside to owning the Xbox One, the new Xbox, is that many people are still on the Xbox 360. Another con about the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One is that Xbox One consoles are not compatible with the Xbox 360 consoles. In that sense, I mean that Xbox One parties cannot be joined by Xbox 360 parties and vice-versa. Now, the games, the Xbox One games are the games with the better graphics. More games are more exclusive to the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 cannot play Xbox One games. The cases distinguish which game console it is. The games are ok and the graphics are great. But the prices are off the charts. The charts are almost $299 if the console is new.