Black Ops 2


The game Black Ops 2 is a game by Treyarch and is a war game. It is a FPS game and shows a story of a man named David. The enemy is Raul Menedez but you cannot get to him as he is very cunning in his plans. He escapes numerous times until the ending where you get the choice to kill or leave him alone. More objectives in the game is ranging from going deep under cover to rescuing a high value target. There are other modes such as multiplayer where you play online against other people and race towards the objective or you could play zombies, a game mode where you can play together or alone and survive a horde of the undead coming at you.

Black Ops 2 is the only game I ever play anymore. It helps me from getting bored and it gets me new friends online. Somehow whenever I play, I get new friends and more people complimenting me on my skills or people complaining just because I have killed them with a better gun or because I'm better than them. This game helps me with talking to new people and I have gotten some life long friends out of the games I play on Black Ops 2.

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Eidos Montreal, Eidos Interactive

Thief is another game that is has a different concept. You play as a man that goes through the medieval time stealing and helping from the people. The goal of the game is to take down the king, that is corrupt with power and over taxing people, but you must gather some help first. You go around gathering help from your fellow theives and once you have enough power, you go after the king.

Thief is one game that I do not particularly like because you cannot play with anyone else. I do like the concept of being able to hide in the shadows as I like that style of the shadows are your friend.

This is a picture of a hooded man in the dark, holding a bow, and hanging onto a wall.